Confessions of a Girl who Loves to Play with Cars

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A Story By Me

When I was a little girl I had a lot of Barbie dolls. I liked Barbie. Barbie was pretty and she had great clothes with matching shoes and purses.  She had campers, swimming pools, houses and a lot of friends.  Throughout my childhood years I accumulated a lot of Barbie’s friends and her stuff. I really liked Barbie!

Though I really liked Barbie and liked playing with my Barbie’s I have a confession to make… what I really liked to do the most was play with cars!

I had a brother who was close to the same age as me and he had lots of cars which I thought were cool and way more fun!  They had all different kinds of cars and one of my favorites were SSP’s Do you remember SSP’s? SSP’s had a stick you fed through them. After you had the stick all the way through you pulled…

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  1. Hi Jack, thank you once again for reblogging one of my posts. I am not sure why but for some reason your posts never come to my reader or my email. I just realized I had changed my email on wordpress about a month ago so I was able to follow again with that email, I am hoping that works. I sure do not like missing your posts because you always have such a good variety plus very uplifting and insightful posts here. I feel honored that you included mine.


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