Month: November 2014

Is it possible to recover from rape and sexual abuse? Yes and No

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OneHourInParisCoverFinalBy Laura K Kerr, PhD

When she was twenty-two years old, philosopher Karyn L. Freedman was viciously raped at knifepoint. She narrowly escaped being murdered and her body disposed, perhaps never to be found. In her memoir, One Hour in Paris, Freedman recounted her efforts to heal from this horrifying ordeal. Nearly 25 years have passed since she was raped, but she has yet fully recovered and doubts she ever will. Even after years of therapy, support group meetings, and educating rape survivors in Africa about the effects of trauma, Freedman claimed:

“The biological truth of my trauma is anchored in me, but it lives there like a parasite. And as I move in and out of recovery I am reminded that however much work I do, healing from a traumatic experience is never complete. This is one of the most significant facts about psychological trauma. It is…

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Confessions of a Girl who Loves to Play with Cars

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A Story By Me

When I was a little girl I had a lot of Barbie dolls. I liked Barbie. Barbie was pretty and she had great clothes with matching shoes and purses.  She had campers, swimming pools, houses and a lot of friends.  Throughout my childhood years I accumulated a lot of Barbie’s friends and her stuff. I really liked Barbie!

Though I really liked Barbie and liked playing with my Barbie’s I have a confession to make… what I really liked to do the most was play with cars!

I had a brother who was close to the same age as me and he had lots of cars which I thought were cool and way more fun!  They had all different kinds of cars and one of my favorites were SSP’s Do you remember SSP’s? SSP’s had a stick you fed through them. After you had the stick all the way through you pulled…

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My Vision.

Good thoughts

Shedding Light on Darkness

I have had this vision, for some time. It used to be my goal, until the pressure turned problematic for me. So now it is a vision, a vision of the future of how I want to feel and who I want to be.

My vision is full of light, hope and beauty. I have always imagined it as an entity, one that is existing within me, waiting, watching. An awesome light waiting to shine.

My vision, my dream, my hope and my desire, is to be free. Free from shame, free from guilt, free from control and free from the grooming.

Free to be me.

And while that vision is primarily for me because I so desperately want to be free, equally I want to shine for others too. I want to create ripples in this world, that will reach far and wide. I want to spread love and light where the darkness has…

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