Lord Send Me

Yes, Terri, at some point I’m just going to get to where I re-blog everything you post. 🙂
Anyway, good one.

A Story By Me

My prayer….Here’s my heart served up for you.  Take it Lord and do what you want with it.

So he gives me hurting and broken people.

How do I help the broken people? The alone people? The lost?  Sometimes I feel so inadequate or I tell myself things like my job or my family come first. Families and jobs are important but that also depends on the circumstances of which thing is God sending me to do at the moment.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a hypocrite?  I wonder do I sometimes want from others what I can’t give of myself?

She was broken and felt so alone.  She was knew Jesus and she knew he was there yet today things were really messed up in her life. Things were spinning out of control and she was spiraling down the pit of despair and for some reason she just…

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