Time Lapse

Pretty poem 🙂

l i g h t room

Long Road Desktop Background
Unedited, time tenderly
Removes her burdens
Returns us as we were
You, with your Nikon
Five bucks in your pocket
Taking winding roads
That cavalier grin
Easily at odds
With pretensions

Back then, so easy
Laughing at ourselves
Everyday human foibles
Intractable changes
Like braces on my teeth

Here, where fault lines
Disappear, infractions fade
Truth stares us in the face
Of what might have been
And even though you’ve gone
Lets me love you as I did
Free as the wide wild wind
Lets us laugh again
The way we were meant to
Into the light years

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

image: hdw.datawallpaper.com

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