Grace That Sees Beyond My Dear Younger Me

Very good, on “regrets”.

Resting in His Grace

Old, young, or in-between, I suppose we each tote with us a “dear younger me,” words sung by Mercy Me. It’s those younger-me-activities finding their regrets fostered in the heart that leave scars crying out:

“I wish I hadn’t done that.”

The stern reality expressed in the song’s lyrics, “You were never meant to carry this beyond the cross,” strike for a moment’s solace, but the memories will return again, just wait and see.

Though we all may boast with like-reasoning, some have been gifted to speak and write gracefully on the subject I think more so than others, willing to bear their souls before the accepting, condemning, and critical alike, almost disturbingly having reached a place that harbors only what’s ahead, shucking the weight of the past, even if that past was just yesterday.

Pic IKGGSuch is the writing ability of Jeanna Caldwell, author of the…

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