Jesus Paid It All…..OUCH!

Just a great “daily devotional” sort of blog post from Crystal Adams – really like it.

Predictable in Her Unpredictability

I took up running a few months ago. It has been a great way to exercise (quickly) and to clear my head. I usually put on some upbeat music and take off, but a good friend of mine posted on social media last week that she listens to hymns as she runs. With 4 kids and a very busy mom schedule she finds her only solitude and prayer life consists when she runs in the mornings after dropping her kids off to school.
I wrote last week about my issues I am having with talking to God, so after I read her status I decided to give it a shot. I found a beautiful station on my Pandora that played contemporary hymns and took off on my treadmill for an hour of praising and conversation with God.
1.6 miles in I was feeling pretty great. I was singing out loud…

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