FOREX trading – the only $100 startup home business where you can make $1 million in 3 years

The best home business I know of, and the only road to riches left for the “regular guy” is FOREX trading (also known as “currency trading”).


You can start your “home business” of forex trading with as little as $100, and very easily be making a decent income within 90 days.  I don’t know of any other business that can be started so inexpensively and so quickly grow into a full-time income.  Even starting out with a very small investment, you can make $100,000 or more your first year.  Because of the high leverage available in forex trading – not found in any other investment arena – your weekly income can grow by leaps and bounds, at an exponential rate.

This is THE perfect business for a “regular guy” (or girl) – that is, the average person living paycheck-to-paycheck, who can barely pay their bills every month, who may not have excellent credit, and who does not have access to $10,000 or more, which would enable them to pursue other paths like real estate or stock market investing.  You can get rich investing in stocks, ETFs, or real estate – but you’ve got to have a sizeable amount of money to invest to begin with, and most people that I know (myself included!), don’t have that kind of money lying around.

Here are some of the main advantages of forex trading as a business:

  • You can trade from home, or anywhere in the world (sit in an internet café while you work)
  • All you need to operate your business is a computer and a reliable, high speed internet connection
  • You don’t need staff or employees
  • You don’t need a garage full of inventory
  • No selling required!! – You don’t need to market your business
  • Those with full-time jobs still can participate, because the forex markets trade 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
  • Learn the business at your own pace, and at no cost; Totally free education is easily available
  • Work when you want and take holidays when you want
  • You can build wealth quickly and earn a very high income
  • Being a forex trader puts you in charge of your life – you never have to worry about working for someone else again

When I started trading the FOREX market (FOREX is just shorthand for “FOReign currency EXchange”), I had a whopping $50.  Thanks to Uncle Sam making it harder and harder for a person to succeed financially, it’s now a bit more difficult, because (thanks to idiotic legislation like the Dodd-Frank Bill) the government doesn’t allow brokerage firms to offer you as much leverage as they did just a few years ago.  However, a person can still get started as a trader with just a few hundred dollars.  Better yet, find a broker outside the U.S., one that still offers leverage as high as 500:1 or even 1000:1, and you can get going with as little as $50-$100.  That’s an amount that a “regular guy” (or regular gal) can manage to come up with, if not right away, then within just a few months of careful penny-pinching and saving.

With just that small amount of money to invest to get started, it really is possible to create a million dollar bank account, and within just a few years, not after a lifetime of socking money away in some retirement plan.

Can anybody do it?  If you can do simple math, you can be a forex trader.

All right, let’s get you started (when you start clicking links, might want to go with “open in new tab” so you don’t lose your place here):

1 – If you’re completely new to forex trading, you can get a quick, but thorough, education, totally free at

2 – Second step is to find a good broker.  You can read my article on how to do that HERE.

3 – For daily forex news and information, the two best sites I know of are and

4 – Find a good, low-risk trading strategy.  My favorite is all laid out for you, free, in THIS ARTICLE.   There’s also one AT THIS LINK that I very strongly urge you to pick up – it’s actually guaranteed to be profitable every single trading day.

5 – Discipline and money management are the two keys to success in forex trading – Read just about everything you can find on those topics in relation to trading.  Here’s a link where you can find some of my articles on the psychology of trading.

6 – Connect with already successful traders.  On Twitter (feel free to poach my Twitter followers – they’re some of the brightest minds in the business), on Facebook, and another excellent place to connect with winning traders and winning trading strategies is at the FOREXFACTORY forum.

My very sincere best wishes to you.  This really is the only “road to riches” I know of that anyone can start walking and begin immediately making money on.  Please feel free to comment below or email me.


God’s grace,



  1. Jack, I invite you to post a myfxbook link to an account where you have done the things you claim are “easy” to do – i.e. taken $100 and generated $100,000 in income your first year.


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