Human Trafficking – Let’s Kill some Pimps

I feckin’ hate pimps.  Just absolutely bloody hate them.  I know, I know, one shouldn’t hate people…but I hate pimps.  I’ve even had the distinct displeasure of knowing a few personally, and once you’ve witnessed them in action, if you don’t strongly feel the impulse to shoot them right there on the spot, then I daresay there’s not a shred of humanity left in your heart.


Pimps, human traffickers, sexual enslavers, are quite possibly the most evil people on the face of the earth.  I mean, even serial killers are usually “kind” enough to just bloody kill you – as opposed to keeping you alive and suffering as long as possible.  You want to know the depths of depravity we’re talking about here? – One girl who’d been kidnapped and sold into prostitution tried to escape by jumping out a 4th-story window.  She broke her back and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Reason enough for the pimp who owned her to let her go? – Hell no.  After she was released from the hospital, he just dumped her on a mattress and continued to send in men to have sex with her.  Of course, he couldn’t be bothered with actually taking care of her, and so she was often left lying in her own urine and feces.  THAT, my friends, is what a pimp is like – closest thing to an absolutely soul-less human being you will ever find.

It’s estimated that over 25 million people are enslaved worldwide through human trafficking.

  • The average age of a girl sold into prostitution by human traffickers is 13.
  • Average price a pimp pays traffickers for a slave? – $90. Less than a hundred dollars paid for girl the pimp will earn up to a thousand dollars a night off of.
  • 80% of human trafficking victims are female; nearly half are children.
  • Terrorist groups buy children as young as 5 years old to use as suicide bombers.
  • Most human trafficking in the U.S. occurs in New York and California (see why I keep waiting for California to just fall into the Pacific Ocean?), but is spread throughout all 50 states.
  • The U.S. is one of the top destinations for victims of human trafficking. Women are trafficked to the U.S. to work in strip clubs, massage parlors, and prostitution – and also to work in sweatshops or do agricultural work.  The FBI estimates there are between 100,000 and 2 million victims of human trafficking currently in the U.S.

Human trafficking is second only to drugs – and expected to soon overtake it – as the largest worldwide criminal enterprise.  Humans are easier to smuggle, and unlike drugs, can be sold over and over again.


This video (below) tells just one unfortunate young woman’s story, but it’s a familiar one:  Living in poverty, she was promised a lucrative job in the United States, only to be forced into prostitution upon her arrival in the U.S. (she was, of course, stranded and totally helpless, having no money, her passport confiscated, and not even speaking the language of the country she’d been taken to).  Her first night in her new “home”, she was forced to have sex with 25-30 men.

Here are a few of the organizations that actively fight human trafficking, and that you can support and get involved with:

Good for them, but my advice? – If you encounter a pimp or anyone else engaged in the business of human trafficking, just bloody send them to Jesus right on the spot.  Before you call me a heartless bastard, well, take a good look at them.  The phrase “scum of the earth” doesn’t begin to adequately describe these people.  Compared to pimps, cockroaches and rats should be welcome house guests.

Just my not-so-humble opinion.  I suppose I could be wrong…(but, come on, seriously, when has that ever happened?)  🙂




  1. Thank you for this sir my ex girlfriend from 14 years called me up and said she was in town when I arrived she asked me to take her away because a pimp had her under control he had strangled her unconscious and beat her all the time so she came with me not realizing he had installed a tracking application on her phone and he has grabbed her son in California and forced her to go back


  2. Hi Jack,

    I totally agree with you. I think I met one and because I am quite strong person he cannot get what he wants…, but I am scared of him. I ve never met anybody like him
    Please contact me


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