Best Stock, Commodities, Forex Investing Coaching Program

                                          287 Winning trades in a row.  Can you beat that? – I can’t.

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Have you ever wished you had a personal mentor to teach you, step by step, how to become a master trader and assist you with your trading?  As good fortune would have it, I recently tripped across one of the top 2 or 3 investing coaches in the entire world.  That’s not an exaggeration at all.  This man is not only an absolutely phenomenal trader – across stocks, futures, AND forex – but he’s also one of the best teachers of investing I’ve ever seen.

This guy is the “real deal” – a genuine trading genius.  He’s not some internet marketer working 48 hours a day to sell his services (he doesn’t even have a web site!), but he does OFFER his services to a limited number of people, and I’m one of the people who can refer clients to him.

His winning trade rate over the past three years is 95% (he averages about 62 out of 65 winning trades).  How good is he? – Good enough that he offers a double-your-money-back 200% guarantee on his one on one mentoring.

If you simply want to find someone to one-on-one coach you, teach you, the path of successful investing, across the board in stocks, futures, and forex trading, this is the number one person whom I recommend to you.  His services aren’t totally dirt cheap, but they’re not really that expensive either in light of how much money this guy can enable you to make, and they’re way more than worth every penny – of the people I’ve referred to him so far, nearly every one of them has sent me a gushing “THANK YOU!” email after just their first month of having him work with them and help them.  It’s so rare to run across someone this good in all areas, who just nails winning trade after winning trade in stocks, futures, AND forex.  (Lately he’s just been KILLING it on ETFs.)

Here’s a brief video he did documenting his success (it’s rather amateurish truthfully, but as I said, this man is a genuine trader and trainer, not a professional internet marketer):

And here’s just one testimonial from one of his clients: “He really does perform.  I was a struggling trader for over 10 years – My first year trading with him I made $193,000 (after starting out with just $10,000).”

He currently offers two levels at which you can access his services:

Option 1 includes all of the following:

How to set up charts
Unlimited Free Chart Analysis (by email or phone)
Bi-Weekly Training and Videos
Monthly newsletter and Q and A session
Free email access with guaranteed prompt response
Monthly newsletter
Monthly Q and A sessions
Video Training Every month
Quarterly 2 hour seminar
Access to archived Q and A sessions and videos
Recordings of 2 of the $10,000-a-ticket seminars he holds throughout the year
DVD bonus set
Fast-track education package

He teaches you everything about his method of viewing and analyzing markets and choosing trades, while holding your hand along the way with consultation and advice on your own chart analysis and trade choices.  That’s the monthly program he offers for $197 – but that’s available for $177 through by using this special link:
Intl. Consulting and Coaching30dayallaccessTrainingandConsulting

Option 2, which is his more personalized, hands-on, one on one coaching option includes:

EVERYTHING contained in Option 1, PLUS all of the following:

-Weekly/Daily Trade calls – average winning trade rate is slightly ABOVE 9 out of 10

-Quarterly 4 hour seminar

-Quarterly 2 hour seminar

-Extra monthly video

-3 additional $10,000-a-ticket seminar recordings

-Invited to attend, free of charge, twice a year “Mastermind” group meetings

-And he offers a 200% money back guarantee!

With this option, along with all of the above training designed to make you a master trader in your own right, he also just spoon feeds you his own exact trades every day.  This upgraded $995 option can be accessed through this link:
Intl. Coaching and Consulting30dayallaccessTrainingandConsulting with specific trade calls

I don’t know what else to tell you other than I simply can’t recommend this man too strongly as a one on one investing coach.  If you want to be led by the hand to wealth, this is your guy – simple as that.  I don’t just think this guy’s very, very good – I subscribe to him – and it’s improved my bottom line immeasurably.  I urge you – just give this guy a try for a month to show you how much money he can help you pile up.  Repeating: 287 winning trades in a row – Unless you think you can do better than that on your own, you might want to give this guy a try.  Just a thought.  :).

Oh, please do shoot me an email – – or comment here to let me know when you’ve signed up with him – I just like to keep up with people, see how they’re doing, that’s all.


Please feel free to comment below or email me.

I wish you all good things always.


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