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Best Stock, Commodities, Forex Investing Coaching Program

                                          287 Winning trades in a row.  Can you beat that? – I can’t.

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Have you ever wished you had a personal mentor to teach you, step by step, how to become a master trader and assist you with your trading?  As good fortune would have it, I recently tripped across one of the top 2 or 3 investing coaches in the entire world.  That’s not an exaggeration at all.  This man is not only an absolutely phenomenal trader – across stocks, futures, AND forex – but he’s also one of the best teachers of investing I’ve ever seen.

This guy is the “real deal” – a genuine trading genius.  He’s not some internet marketer working 48 hours a day to sell his services (he doesn’t even have a web site!), but he does OFFER his services to a limited number of people, and I’m one of the people who can refer clients to him.

His winning trade rate over the past three years is 95% (he averages about 62 out of 65 winning trades).  How good is he? – Good enough that he offers a double-your-money-back 200% guarantee on his one on one mentoring.

If you simply want to find someone to one-on-one coach you, teach you, the path of successful investing, across the board in stocks, futures, and forex trading, this is the number one person whom I recommend to you.  His services aren’t totally dirt cheap, but they’re not really that expensive either in light of how much money this guy can enable you to make, and they’re way more than worth every penny – of the people I’ve referred to him so far, nearly every one of them has sent me a gushing “THANK YOU!” email after just their first month of having him work with them and help them.  It’s so rare to run across someone this good in all areas, who just nails winning trade after winning trade in stocks, futures, AND forex.  (Lately he’s just been KILLING it on ETFs.)

Here’s a brief video he did documenting his success (it’s rather amateurish truthfully, but as I said, this man is a genuine trader and trainer, not a professional internet marketer):

And here’s just one testimonial from one of his clients: “He really does perform.  I was a struggling trader for over 10 years – My first year trading with him I made $193,000 (after starting out with just $10,000).”

He currently offers two levels at which you can access his services:

Option 1 includes all of the following:

How to set up charts
Unlimited Free Chart Analysis (by email or phone)
Bi-Weekly Training and Videos
Monthly newsletter and Q and A session
Free email access with guaranteed prompt response
Monthly newsletter
Monthly Q and A sessions
Video Training Every month
Quarterly 2 hour seminar
Access to archived Q and A sessions and videos
Recordings of 2 of the $10,000-a-ticket seminars he holds throughout the year
DVD bonus set
Fast-track education package

He teaches you everything about his method of viewing and analyzing markets and choosing trades, while holding your hand along the way with consultation and advice on your own chart analysis and trade choices.  That’s the monthly program he offers for $197 – but that’s available for $177 through by using this special link:
Intl. Consulting and Coaching30dayallaccessTrainingandConsulting

Option 2, which is his more personalized, hands-on, one on one coaching option includes:

EVERYTHING contained in Option 1, PLUS all of the following:

-Weekly/Daily Trade calls – average winning trade rate is slightly ABOVE 9 out of 10

-Quarterly 4 hour seminar

-Quarterly 2 hour seminar

-Extra monthly video

-3 additional $10,000-a-ticket seminar recordings

-Invited to attend, free of charge, twice a year “Mastermind” group meetings

-And he offers a 200% money back guarantee!

With this option, along with all of the above training designed to make you a master trader in your own right, he also just spoon feeds you his own exact trades every day.  This upgraded $995 option can be accessed through this link:
Intl. Coaching and Consulting30dayallaccessTrainingandConsulting with specific trade calls

I don’t know what else to tell you other than I simply can’t recommend this man too strongly as a one on one investing coach.  If you want to be led by the hand to wealth, this is your guy – simple as that.  I don’t just think this guy’s very, very good – I subscribe to him – and it’s improved my bottom line immeasurably.  I urge you – just give this guy a try for a month to show you how much money he can help you pile up.  Repeating: 287 winning trades in a row – Unless you think you can do better than that on your own, you might want to give this guy a try.  Just a thought.  :).

Oh, please do shoot me an email – – or comment here to let me know when you’ve signed up with him – I just like to keep up with people, see how they’re doing, that’s all.


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Best Sure Profit Forex Trading Strategy


ANY forex trading strategy will make you money when you’re right, but THIS is the only one that’s an absolute “mortal lock” to make you money even when your overall market analysis is dead wrong.  This strategy has been profitable every single trading day since its inception.  EVERY day.  (So unless you already have a trading strategy that makes a profit every single day, well, you might want to give this one a try.)

I realize this will be hard to believe, but…  🙂

…I’ve finally come up with the “Holy Grail” of forex trading – a GUARANTEED WINNING TRADE STRATEGY – that is, a simple trading strategy that absolutely will put a profit in your trading account every single trading day you use it.

Too good to be true? Well, I thought the same thing, and just sat here staring at it over and over, unable to believe I’d actually come up with it. But I have examined it up and down, and every other way possible – and had other proven, successful traders examine it as well – and there’s simply no flaw in it – it’s flawless.  And in fact, it’s so simple that as soon as you see it, you will clearly see and KNOW that it is what I’m saying it is – a “turn a profit every single time” trading strategy.  There are actually two variations of the strategy, either one of which you can use to pile up equity in your trading account every single day from now till, well, approximately forever.  🙂

– You can put this trading strategy into play any trading day of the week, any week of the year, as often as you wish

WILL, hands down, put money in your trading account every single trading day you use it!  (Since this strategy has been available, not one single trader using it has ever reported even one losing day.  Simply put, it works.)

– Any forex trader can use this – it’s not extremely complicated, doesn’t require complex charting, and you can put it into play it whether you’re traditionally a day trader or a long term trader

– Can be used with a variety of currency pairs

– Can be utilized with any account size – trading micro-lots, mini-lots, or standard lots

– Excellent not only for individual traders, but for brokers and account managers to offer their clients, whatever their usual trading strategy, as a secondary strategy to bank a profit every day.

I’m telling you, this honest to God works.  The first thing I did when I figured it out was have half a dozen other professional traders look at it, trying to find a flaw – no one could, they all agreed, “Wow, this really will work”.

Even in the crazy markets we’ve had recently (August and September of 2014), this strategy has been profitable EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Every…single…day.  So if you don’t at least try it and see how consistently profitable it is, then maybe you’re crazy.  🙂

I know they say there’s no Holy Grail in trading, but, turns out there is.

(Don’t believe there’s a holy grail of trading? – Then prove me wrong – Take the $1000 challenge: Get the strategy and look at it – If you can show me this doesn’t reveal a way that it’s possible to bank a forex trading profit every single time you use this strategy, then I’ll give you $1000.  So, you either end up with $1000, or with a trading strategy that will make you money every time you use it – sounds to me like that’s a win for you either way.  So far, nobody’s collected the $1000…)

It’s really very simple:
– Do you already have a trading strategy that is profitable EVERY single time you use it? (I’m guessing the answer is “No”)
– Would you like to have one? (I’m guessing the answer is “Yes!”)

Then unlock the secret, get all the details, access it here by clicking this link now

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Please feel free to comment below, email me, or send gifts of chocolate or Bacardi rum.

God’s grace,

How to Find a GOOD Forex Broker


The one question I am most frequently asked by new aspiring forex traders is, “How do I choose a broker?” It is, indeed, a critical question, and having the right broker can be critical to your success (or lack thereof) as a trader. I had it easy – when I first started trading forex, there probably weren’t more than about 10 brokers to choose from for a small trader like myself. Now there are dozens, maybe hundreds. Well, following are what I consider the 4 most important things to consider in choosing a broker:  (If you just want a great broker, you can just go here —>TradersWay   and skip reading the rest of the article).  🙂

1 – Trustworthy & Honest

This simply has to be number one, because it doesn’t do you any good to make a fortune in your trading account if you can’t get your broker to give you your money when you want to withdraw it. The worst horror stories from traders are those where they relate that they opened an account with $500, made $10,000…but then when they tried to make a withdrawal, could never get their broker to give them their money. And, unfortunately, that very thing has happened to hundreds of traders.
So how do you find a reliable broker? I believe the best procedure is to read the comments in forex forums (like Forex Factory and Forex Peace Army) regarding the brokers you’re considering. Also, talk to people you know who are successful traders – most of them will be more than happy to recommend a good broker (I recommend mine all the time!). There are always good and bad comments, but you should still be able to get a pretty solid sense of whether a broker is essentially reliable. The other thing I recommend everyone do is, once you’ve opened an account, early on in your trading make a withdrawal request, just to see if you encounter any problems. With a trustworthy broker, there should be no problems and you should receive your money within 1-2 business days, within 5 business days at the most (that’s a week – if your broker takes longer than that to get your money to you, I’d recommend looking for a new broker).

2 – Spread is (Almost) Everything

The critical importance of getting good (i.e., small) spreads cannot be emphasized too much, but is often overlooked. The difference between just a 1 pip spread and a 2 pip spread can really add up over time. If you’re a scalper or day trader who makes an average profit of 10 pips per trade, then the difference between a 1 and 2 pip spread makes a 10% difference in your trading profits. Spread also effects the triggering of stop orders and take profit orders.
In the beginning of my trading, I lived with an average 2 pip spread on Eur/Usd, and 2-3 pips on Gbp/Usd and Aud/Usd – I just didn’t know any better. With my current broker, I now get less than half a pip on Eur/Usd, and half a pip to 1 pip on Gbp/Usd and Aud/Usd. Even on slightly exotic pairs, like Usd/Sgd or Usd/Nok, I don’t usually have to give more than 1 and a half pips at most. It makes a huge difference over time. Just one example – it’s a lot easier to scramble out of a trade at breakeven if I enter a trade and the market just “dies” on me, that is, just flatlines, going basically nowhere, to the point where I no longer wish to be in the trade. Just the slightest blip in price can enable me to get out at even or better.
There’s an excellent spread comparison tool at that compares – live – the spreads from 60 brokers on the most commonly traded pairs. It’s not 100% accurate all the time, but it’s certainly close enough to give you a clear idea of whether a broker’s spreads are good or bad.
Another factor to consider, that’s related to spread, is whether your broker engages in the annoying habit of “re-quotes”. Re-quotes are when you bring up the order box for a market entry order, click buy or sell…but instead of executing your order instantly, the broker re-quotes the price spread. I’ve never had this problem with brokers I’ve used, but I’ve heard of traders who had to endure 2 or 3 re-quotes before finally getting their order accepted – and this often resulted in them having to enter 2-4 pips away from the entry point they were originally seeking. That can flat out kill your trading – if your broker re-quotes, find another broker.
Slippage – that is, the difference between your actual order fill price and the price where your order is placed – is the final factor in regard to spread. Personally, the broker I now trade with is great on slippage – that is, I don’t have to worry about there being much slippage, not more than 1 pip at most. In even the fastest markets, my stop orders are almost always filled exactly where I have them placed. But I’ve heard of traders experiencing slippage of several pips on almost every trade. Again, that’s something that can kill your trading success. A broker that you see a lot of slippage with is not a good broker.

3 – Reliable Trading Platform

It’s essential to trading success that you use a broker whose trading platform is reliable. What that basically means is that you can count on it to always be up and running. Imagine this nightmare scenario: You place a quick market entry order, but before you’re able to enter take profit or stop loss points on it, your trading platform goes down, and stays down and inaccessible for several minutes, possibly even an hour or more. I don’t even want to think about what kind of whopping loss might result.
Fortunately, this is another factor that can easily be determined simply by doing a little research into comments on brokers in any number of forex trading forums. If trading platform problems exist with a broker, you’re almost certain to find traders complaining (loudly) about it in a forex forum, so definitely keep an eye out for those kind of comments.

4 – U.S. Regulated or Not?
Here’s the thing – If your broker is honest, you don’t need regulations to protect you…and if your broker is dishonest, regulations won’t protect you anyway.

Some traders recommend only trading with brokers that are regulated by U.S. government rules and organizations, the thinking being that such brokers should at least be basically honest, and that should you have a problem with them, it’s easier to get help in resolving the problem.
I am not one of those traders.

Honestly, I despise the current U.S. trading regulations on forex trading, specifically the margin requirements (as much as ten times higher than what you can get with an offshore broker), the no-hedging rule, and the, in my not-so-humble opinion utterly idiotic FIFO rule.
Current margin requirements mean that U.S.-regulated brokers offer no more than 50:1 leverage. Well, that’s fine if you’ve got plenty of capital to work with, but I started my forex trading with a whopping $50 in a micro account – with 50:1 leverage, I never could have gotten off the ground. And one of the things I have always most liked about forex trading is the opportunity it offers the “regular guy” (or girl) to start out with just a small amount of money and still have a reasonable chance of gradually making themselves a fortune.
The worst, most useless and annoying, U.S. regulation, in my opinion, is the FIFO rule. FIFO stands for “first in, first out”. The rule basically says that if you have multiple positions in place, and you go to close one, you must close out the one you first entered. I often have multiple positions on in a given currency pair, where I’ve bought or sold additional lots at different price levels. Want to be annoyed (AND lose money!)? Try this: A market suddenly starts moving rapidly up or down, and you want to close out part of your positions quickly, either to take profits or minimize losses. You click on a position, hit “close order”, but instead of your order being closed, a screen pops up reminding you of the FIFO rule – that you can only choose to close out the first position you entered (even if that’s NOT the one you want to close out) – and then, as the market continues to move, costing you more and more money, you have to take the time to scan through your list of positions to FIND the one you entered first. I had this happen to me exactly once – I have never traded with a U.S. regulated broker since. Instead, I enjoy the freedom of trading with a broker who offers me the ability to trade the way I want to, rather than the way the government wants me to.
Again, there are many traders who only feel comfortable trading with a U.S. regulated broker, and who ask me, “How do you know your money is safe if the broker isn’t regulated by the U.S. government?” My reply? What, like U.S. government agencies are the ONLY regulatory agencies in the world that can be trusted?? Like there are NO honest brokers anywhere in the world unless they’re under the governmental thumb of the U.S.?? MY question is, “What makes the United States feel it has the right to regulate every brokerage firm in the entire world?”

The bottom line is, if you’re more comfortable trading with a U.S. regulated broker, then do that. If you’re more comfortable trading with an overseas broker that offers less cumbersome trading rules, then go with that.
I hope this article has been helpful for you. What I most hope you take away from this article is the simple importance of considering important factors to your trading and doing simple research in choosing a broker. As always, these are just my thoughts and opinions – I’m not God. If you’d like to take a look at the brokerage firm I use – one that offers spreads of less than 1 pip on the major currency pairs, 1000:1 leverage, and always reliable trade execution, you can check them out here by clicking this link—>TradersWay

I wish you all the success in the world in your trading.  Want to take a look at the only forex strategy I know of that actually wins every trading day?  Seriously, this one is just free money in your account every trading day.  Go here to access it


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Overcome 4 Fears that Cause 90% of Trading Losses

It’s estimated – and rightly so I think – that the root cause of about 9 out of 10 losing trades can be traced back to one of four basic fears that cripple one’s ability to be a consistently winning trader: fear of making a bad decision, fear of losing money, fear of missing an opportunity, and fear of leaving money on the table. These four basic fears are something that all successful traders have to confront and overcome in order to BE successful traders.
As I’ve said before, fear is crippling and disastrous for successful trading. It paralyzes you, and it skews your perception, totally taking away your ability to rationally analyze the market and trade profitably. Therefore, overcoming, getting past these four basic trading fears is both an essential and a huge (since they lead to about 9 out of 10 trading mistakes) step toward becoming a successful, consistently profitable trader.
So, let’s simply go through and look at each of these fears, one by one, and address the question of how to overcome them.

Fear of Making a Bad Decision

None of us ever likes to be wrong in our choices. We like to think of ourselves as capable of making good, solid, rational decisions and choices. Plus, we’re embarrassed by other people seeing us be wrong (as I was just the other day when I tweeted that I was buying Gbp/Usd at 1.6800…right before it promptly dropped down to about 1.6770, making a new low on the day). Finally, being wrong in trading means losing money, and it’s very deeply ingrained in all of us to absolutely hate losing money (more about this when we discuss the second main fear).
But here’s the thing – part of being a successful trader involves taking risks, taking the chance of being wrong.
Therefore, if we can’t overcome our aversion to ever risk being wrong, we simply cannot become consistently successful traders. So how do we do that? – Simply by recognizing the reality of trading, namely that it necessarily involves taking risks, and that some of those risks are not going to work out. Winning trading necessarily includes some losing trades. We have to fix it firmly and clearly in our minds that successful trading means risking being wrong, and that, in fact, if we aren’t willing to risk being wrong, we will never be consistently profitable traders – because our fear of being wrong will make us miss out on taking winning trades.

Fear of Losing Money

This one is very similar to the first, but still stands on its own as a huge stumbling block in the way of becoming a successful trader. Winning traders are risk-takers. But the average person never wants to risk losing a penny – they want that guaranteed 1% annual return on their bank savings account – and losing money upsets them terribly, totally throws them for a loop. This is another basic, primal, ingrained fear that one has to overcome in order to become a winning trader. And again, it’s simply a matter of recognizing the realities of trading, of seeing clearly what successful trading looks like. Successful trading, consistently profitable trading, looks like a record of making a lot of money through winning trades AND losing some money on losing trades. Those losing trades are simply part of trading. Therefore, if you aren’t willing to have losing trades, you don’t have the willingness to be a winning trader. Simple as that.
Just realize the fact that you are going to lose some money on some losing trades – but also realize that losing that money is just an essential part of making a lot more money. The only road to big, consistent profits passes through some small losses.

Fear of Missing an Opportunity

The fear of missing out often manifests itself in the form of one of the classic trading mistakes – “chasing the market” – and also often follows from one of the first two fears, fear of being wrong, fear of losing money. We’re looking at a market, thinking from logical analysis that we should buy, but our fear of being wrong or losing money prevents us from doing the right thing – taking the trade – and so we don’t buy. Then, all of a sudden the market starts shooting to the upside, moving up 10 or 15 pips or more in perhaps less than a minute. In a panicked fear of missing out on “the big move” (due to our initial fear of being wrong), we jump into the market when it’s already run up 20 or 30 pips…only to have that turn out to be the short term top, and then see the market roll almost all the way back down to its initial take-off point. Our fear of missing out has caused us to take a disastrous trade, one that is now a significant loss.
What will save us from this mistake? Only the coolly rational mindset of a winning trader, which realizes two things: One, you aren’t going to catch every opportunity that comes along – the simple fact is that you are sometimes going to miss out…but Two, there are always more opportunities rolling round all the time in the forex markets, and you don’t need to catch them all in order to be a winning trader. And finally, chasing a market very, very rarely ever works out profitably. It is one risk that is not worth taking as a trader. 99 times out of 100, it will cost you money – so don’t do it.

Fear of Leaving Money on the Table

“Pigs get slaughtered” is a classic trading axiom. Greed will kill your trading profits. Winning traders are perfectly happy with making a nice profit, and not bothered by the fact that they could possibly have squeezed 10 or 15 more pips out of a trade. You’re simply not going to buy the absolute bottom and sell the absolute top. So just recognize that as a fact of trading life, and stop trying to do it – it just doesn’t happen. What does usually happen is that trying to push for that extra 10 pips at the absolute top costs you 10 or 20 pips that you could have had if you’d simply cashed in earlier.
Again, it’s all about recognizing and accepting the simple realities of trading. One of those realities is that even the very best trading is still always going to leave some money on the table.
But instead of focusing on that, be happy that you were able to grab some money off the table. Instead of being upset that you didn’t buy lower or sell higher, be happy that you did buy low enough to be able to sell out nicely higher and thus make money. As long as you turn an overall profit, you’ve done your job as a trader.

Bottom Line
There are some basic fears ingrained in all of us that we have to actively work to overcome in order to be winning traders. These basic fears – the fears of being wrong, losing money, missing something, and leaving money on the table – can cripple our ability to practice overall profitable trading. To overcome them, we have to put forth the necessary effort to learn to think like a trader. Force the proper trading mindset into your brain. Plaster trading axioms that reinforce a winning trader mindset all over your house or office, to continually remind you to think like a trader, to recognize and accept the realities and truths of winning trading.

 You have to risk being wrong in order to be profitably right. Trading involves risking your opinion being proven wrong.
 Losing trades are part of winning trading. You should just accept them as part of the game, and not let fear of losing money prevent you from making money.
 Don’t take trades based on fear of missing out – there are always plenty of new opportunities for profitable trades, so there’s no point in chasing a market that already made its move.
 Don’t be greedy. Be thankful that you were able to grab some money off the table, and don’t begrudge the fact that you left some money on the table.

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Jack Maverick