It’s (NOT) All About the Money

“In 1923, seven men who had made it to the top of the financial success pyramid met together at the Edgewater Hotel in Chicago. Collectively, they controlled more wealth than the entire United States Treasury.

Who were they? Charles Schwab, president of the world’s largest steel company, Arthur Cutten, the greatest wheat speculator of his day, Richard Whitney, president of the New York
Stock Exchange, Albert Fall, a member of the President’s Cabinet, Jesse Livermore, the greatest trader on Wall Street, Leon Fraser, president of the International Bank of Settlement,
and Ivan Kruegger, the head of the world’s largest monopoly.
What happened to them? Schwab and Cutten both diedbroke; Whitney spent years of his life in Sing Sing penitentiary; Fall also spent years in prison, but was released so he could die at home; and the others Livermore, Fraser, and Kruegger, committed suicide. ”

– Donald McCullogh, “Waking from the American Dream”

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