FOCUS in 2013

We often fail to get much done because we’re so mentally “scattered”, simply failing to ever focus our efforts on accomplishing ONE LITTLE THING.  We’re too easily distracted (if you don’t believe that, just yell “SQUIRREL!”, and then watch lise react).

So, in 2013, I offer the suggestion that we think about just one or two things that we’d like to accomplish for the year (like, say, getting the coffee made), formulate a plan of steps to take in order to achieve this or that thing, and then set aside time to work on the plan.  It sounds simple enough, but as soon as someone yells “SQUIRREL!”…

Here’s a fairly recent photo of my long-lost wife, Jackie, hiding behind my step-granddaughter, Eliza, despite the fact that she seems to be having a pretty darn good hair day.

This photo, of course, has nothing to do with this post.
I got distracted.

Jackie Playing with Eliza

Jackie Playing with Eliza


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