Month: December 2012

Fan Club Already Growing!

I don’t want you to think I don’t have ANY friends.  Even as I scribble here, a small, but ardent group of followers begins to gather…



(Sorry, the pictures of semi-naked broads haven’t been uploaded yet.  So, for now, these bitches is all there is.)


God I thought I would never FIgure This Out


Any event, by the by, what-evv-errrrr…this excessively questionable display appears before you now because I (recently) came to the decision – made  the decision, yes – that it was, in point of fact, “high time I began doing a blog”.  Blogging.  Writing in the so-called “blogosphere”.

Like most computer software programs that promise, “Anyone can get started within minutes!”…it’s apparently, not really that simple.  For example, I appear to have chosen a “wedding blog” template for my blog – I just thought the sample page, with its photo of a white carnation, looked pretty.  Oh well.  (Yes, I realize that I could go back and select a different “theme”, but…well, we’re not going that way, all right?  Rather, we will just plunge foolishly forward.)

In any event, you do, dear reader, have my not-so-solemn vow that I will work “as hard as a beaver” (hence, the accompanying picture of Fred, the beaver) to begin, as soon as is genuinely reasonably possible, to provide you with appropriate blog-type typing and entertainment.

I will not, however (I don’t think so anyway) be blogging about weddings.

Nonetheless, we shall indeed aim our rapidly failing eyesight toward (or at least in the general direction of) the laudable goal of living “happily ever after” (Fairy Godmother willing, and all that).

Thus, therefore, henceforward, we begin…God only knows what will follow…